Friday, March 23, 2018

My Visit with CIS Scholarship Students in San Rafael Cedros

In the context of CIS 25TH anniversary celebration August 2018, we invite people to share testimonies about solidarity work with CIS.   CIS began supporting grassroots organizing in San Rafael Cedros in 2001 as part of recovery and reconstruction after the 2001 earthquakes.   In 2006, after the visit of a member of Our Lady of Presentation Church a scholarship and youth leadership program began in 2007.    Rosa Maria Santana was  a first time visitor and March 2018 election observer wrote the reflection below after her meeting with CIS-Our Lady of Presentation Scholarship students.  (March 2018)

By Rosa María Santana                                    
My Visit with CIS Scholarship Students in San Rafael Cedros


With their enthusiastic smiles and insightful perspectives, the approximately 30 CIS San Rafael Cedros student scholars stood up, one by one, to proudly speak of their respective academic projects that touch on a myriad of complex topics. Climate change. Preserving drinking water. Consumerism. Environmental justice. Curbing poverty. Accessing community healthcare. Social justice. 

Some students hesitated talking about themselves. Others showcased their free-spirited personalities by welcoming the chance to elaborate on their research and on their respective lives. One young man—the first in his family to go to college—said his dad couldn’t read or write, so he was determined to do well with his studies. Many female teens said they’ll be the first woman in their families to earn a college degree. Another admitted streets near his school are rife with drugs. One aims to study the social sciences. Another wants to pursue an engineering degree, while another wants to teach. As they spoke, no one could deny each student’s commitment to community service and academic excellence—despite the fact that many of them face personal challenges. Each scholar’s optimistic outlook was infectious.

“What I enjoy most about my project is the chance to work with younger students,” said one male teen scholar. “I get to teach children the importance of clean drinking water and how that can affect the well-being of a community—and of our country.” 

As they delve into their subject matter, these teen-aged scholars create lesson plans to teach younger students what they’ve learned. One female student said teaching what she’s learned helps her remember facts and details more vividly. And, this also challenges her to present her research in a creative, engaging way that captures the imagination and interest of children. These talented CIS scholars represent El Salvador’s bright future. Not only do they seek solutions to weighty topics, but they also share their knowledge with younger minds. They serve as positive role models to children who may also be the first in their families to go to college. Their optimism and dedication moved me because these teen scholars want to change their nation, one mind at a time. They rely on knowledge to improve the lives of others. While listening to them, I beamed with pride. El Salvador lies in astute, aspiring hands.