Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marquette University Visits Colorada Island and Handbag Project

Woman with Cati's Handbag

Marquette University Economics and Business students visit Isla Colorada in El Salvador and "Cati's Hand Bag" project to exchange ideas about building alternative economic initiatives.  CIS promotes the hand made bags with hand woven fabric from San Sebastian as part of our solidarity craft projectSalvadoran Enterprises for Women provides support to CIS and the women for development of their economic inicitative.   Bags are available through the CIS's website for approximately $20.   CIS delegations are a unique opportunity to experience Salvadoran reality first hand, build solidarity relationships, and accompany initiatives for social and economic justice.

Samples of some of the bags that the women of the Tasajera Island, to see more and place your order look at our online store.

Hand woven cloth that the bags are made from.

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