Friday, November 3, 2017

Meet some of the CIS volunteers 2017

The CIS has a variety of different volunteer opportunities availability, depending on the interests, the organizational needs, and Spanish ability. We strive to meet the needs of our students and the communities we serve; therefore the CIS is always looking for mature, flexible, open-minded volunteers.

In this opportunity we want to share some of the experiences from the volunteers 2017

Meet Ashley Hannah-Roma, a volunteer for the Clean Water Campaign that CIS runs. Ashley is a university student in Canada, she participated in this program, as it combines her 2 majors: engineering and international development. Watch the video below to hear about her experience here at CIS. Apart from the English program, CIS runs multiple programs such as the Clean Water Campaign. There are multiple ways to volunteer at CIS.

Meet another English School Volunteer, Brian Powell from the United States. Back in Louisiana he also teaches English to students, many of whom are immigrants, and for Brian teaching English at CIS has equipped him to have better understanding of and greater empathy with those students who are learning a new language as well as cultures.

Meet Sarah Hammaker another English School volunteer. For Sarah, teaching English enhances her Spanish learning. In her English class there is mutual learning, in which she teaches English to her Salvadoran students and they reciprocate by teaching her Spanish. Watch the video below to hear about her experiences here at CIS.

Meet Justin Weidman, a English School Volunteer. He was a teacher for a second cycle teaching English at the CIS. Watch the video below to hear about his experiences!

Meet another English School volunteer, Marie Claire Olson. She is a university student at University of New Brunswick in Canada majoring in leadership studies, and she was one of the best English teachers at an intermediate level in El Salvador. Watch the video to hear about her experiences with CIS!

Meet Russell, another English School Volunteer at CIS. In Canada, he is a psychology student at York University. Watch the video below to hear about his experiences in El Salvador.

Meet Brittney an art therapist in the United States. She was in El Salvador volunteering as an English teacher at CIS. She also had the opportunity to meet with some of our artisans with whom she shared and learned from different experiences. Watch the video below to hear about her experiences teaching English!

We are looking for energetic people with a commitment to social justice to volunteer with us in the following areas:
- English teachers
- Election volunteers
- Grassroots Community Organizing Intern

The CIS offers half-price Spanish classes to our volunteers.

To apply for any of our volunteer positions, we request an application that you can find in our website: www.cis-elsalvador. Also, you can send us an email to or for further information.